Better Than Tesla: Lucid Air Could Become Leader In Electric Vehicle Market

Lucid Air Could Become Leader In Electric Vehicle Market

When you think about the electric cars, the first thing that comes on mind is the Tesla technology. Elon Musk's company became almost synonymous with the meaning of the "electric car". And it constantly attracts attention with new amazing developments that are gradually being introduced to the market. However, according to the experts, Tesla can seriously compete with a new concept of an electric vehicle called Lucid Air.

Surprisingly, but true, the new car can really surpass Elon Musk's electric car. The authors of the development used all the best and most advanced of the concept of electric cars to present to motorists and the world community a completely new technology, an alternative to Tesla.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors, believes that the company's mission is to create a sustainable luxury electric vehicle with the best performance, making dreams come true. Watching the development of that unique project, the experts admit that it can make a splash. The information that becomes available is surprising: Lucid Air raised the bar for electric vehicles with EPA's estimated range of 832.03 kilometers per charge.

That feature makes it the most powerful electric vehicle in the world to date. But the capabilities of the electric car are not limited. It is possible that the Lucid Air could become the fastest EV ever offered, with the ability to charge at speeds up to 32.19 km/m.

For those owners who charge their cars in real conditions on the road, this can be converted to 482.8 kilometers in just 20 minutes. The company's engineers say that they independently developed all the platforms and aspects of the new electric car, set new world standards.

They managed to increase significantly the rate when an electrical energy is supplied to the car, making it the fastest in the world. The official presentation of the new model is scheduled for September 9 this year. It is assumed that the first electric car for sale will roll off the assembly line in 2021, its cost will be around 165 thousand dollars.