Kiwa Solar Powered Superyacht: Electric Model Innovation

Kiwa Solar Powered Superyacht: Electric Model Innovation

Now the humanity has embarked on the development of the era of the electric transport. And the first thing that comes to mind in the regard are electric vehicles. However, road transport does not limit the entire range of the electric vehicles. There are much more types of such transport and such equipment is capable not only of driving on the roads, but also of flying and even swimming.

The Kiwa concept model proves that design innovation is already happening. Kiwa is a unique project of the yacht of the future. Its author is Isaac Burrow, a designer from New Zealand. He created a solar-powered vehicle that can travel on water.

The superyacht is 110 meters long. It uses existing and most innovative environmentally friendly technologies. The superyacht is named after the Maori ocean keeper, it is a fitting name. The author took into account the main goal of his design concept. He intends to help the planet with the energy saving features.

And, of course, the elegant design. It has a very sleek and attractive silhouette, combined with the open sea, adds to its maximum grace and beauty. The yacht will look exquisite on any trip, whether its route is laid in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Arctic.

Kiwa has an extremely narrow body with low volume and length. It ensures high speed efficiency of the engine literally from the start. There are about two hundred square meters of solar panels throughout the yacht. They collect sunlight, accumulate it and thereby provide food and all the activities of the crew and those people who are on the yacht as guests. The yacht has reduced fuel consumption. It uses a hybrid propulsion system that can only use electricity if the yacht enters any remote areas.

The technology contributes to sustainable travel as it has enhanced environmental safety properties. In an effort to increase electrical power, the author of the project was able to ensure that, as solar and battery technologies developed, such a concept could travel without harmful emissions.

The yacht has an extensive deck, it is 175 square meters, it has a storage and guest rooms, where any visitor feels comfortable. It has several glass bottom pools and a jacuzzi on the sun terrace. And the spa has semi-submerged pools that allow guests to enjoy the scenery above and below the water.