Speed and endurance: unique LMF1 concept developed for Formula-1

Unique LMF1 concept developed for Formula-1

The engineers from around the world strive to develop a perfect racing car, having at least some relation to that direction. Its speed must be dizzying, as must its endurance, to withstand the rigors of the Formula 1 race. One of the last major racing events that took place on the grueling 24-hour Le Mans circuit, showed that none of the race cars could meet these requirements.

However, it did not stop engineer and designer Robin Mazanek from creating a fantastic unique concept for the new LMF1 racing car. The author of the development says that it is not just a beautiful and unusual car. It is able to dominate any race track.

LMF1 is a combined type of LM and F1. And just like the name of the racing car, the construction itself is a combination of different styles and technologies. Inspired by Formula 1 and Endurance prototypes, the LMF1 concept features a lightweight aerodynamic design, low seating position and an enclosed cockpit.

Robin Mazanek says that he used almost all Le Mans prototypes to create the concept. The racing car is no more than 433 centimeters long and is much shorter than any existing racing car. But at the same time, its functionality is only a benefit. The car has carbon fiber panels. Thanks to that material, the racing car is light and durable.

It uses the air to its advantage, creating the downforce needed to keep the car speed and control on the track. And thanks to the air, the same car is able to cool all the units of the car quickly, protecting them from overheating.

The turbo engine also participates in the process for maximum power reserve. The turbo engine has a volume of 1.6 liters. It is designed to help the vehicle generate electricity that is stored in the vehicle's batteries, providing an additional source of power to the electric motor.

The car is equipped with rear-wheel drive that allows it to develop a maximum power up to 1000 horsepower.