The new Volta Zero: the first electric bus built with biodegradable resin and linen fibers

Electric bus built with biodegradable resin and linen fibers

The green revolution is gradually gaining momentum. Thanks to innovative technologies, the unique project Volta Zero appeared. It is the world's first fully electric commercial bus with the patented e-Axle electric transmission. The startup has significant differences from similar electric vehicles. It is equipped with an electric motor, transmission and axle housed in one lightweight unit, it is a distinguishing feature from other electric cars on the market.

Another difference is that the modular lithium-ion phosphate battery is positioned by the engineers between the chassis rails. It allows the basis of the new transport to be used for any commercial purpose.

Today, such transport can become a priority in the trade industry, in the system of passenger transportation in large cities. By launching Volta Zero, the authors of the project intend to completely change the face of the existing road transport.

Technically, the startup is a fairly large electric van. Its length is 10 meters, width is 3.5 meters. Its body panels are made of biodegradable resin with the addition of linen fibers. This approach makes the new transport completely environmentally friendly.

The body was developed by a renowned Swiss company in collaboration with the European Space Agency. When used, they will be as light and strong as carbon fiber, while still producing 75% less carbon dioxide. The interlacing of panels made of unusual materials is made using rasp oil.

If the technology is recognized by the experts as sustainable, it will be an important revolutionary breakthrough. Plus, the new transport will be equipped with an artificial intelligence. The weight of the new startup is about 16 tons.

It has a unique driving position that gives it agility and mobility when navigating narrow streets. The driver's seat rotates, opening the revolution to 220 degrees, eliminating "blind spots". It is capable of speeds up to 90 km/h, and the maximum carrying capacity is 9.6 tons.