Tiny Solar Powered Camper Home: A Wonderful Conversion To A Two-Story Housing

Tiny Solar Powered Camper Home

A small camper house can become a full-fledged two-story dwelling. It is not just a collapsible box, but a completely multifunctional design that has everything needed for a comfortable stay. Considering the demand for such houses, the engineers developed a new concept equipped with solar panels. The camper is named Haaks "Opperland" and it is essentially an expandable trailer.

The creative approach to creating the structure optimized its small spaces, filling them with functionality that is necessary in an ordinary home. It is very durable and it offers exceptional comfort and enhanced features.

It is possible to move anywhere to choose a place for parking and temporary, or even permanent, residence on it. The compact camper is transported on a platform and that home can be easily set up at anytime and anywhere. The house has pop-up windows, a sleeping loft and a comfortable area that can serve as a cooking area, a place to eat, and a recreation area.

The cottage has a triangular retractable roof that transforms the wood-paneled camper into a cozy building with all the amenities. In the back there is a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. There is a staircase opposite, and it leads to the second tier. It is equipped with a thick mattress that creates a sleeping place.

The area is equipped with light from a fancy triangular window in the roof slope. One push of a button and the camper extends the supports and under that the car can be placed. The module has the ability to self-level, it is an important addition that allows to position the house on any surface.

It is assembled as automatically as it is disassembled. The living area has a built-in storage for fresh water, it is designed for 45 liters. There is a water heater and an inverter that provides the necessary amenities.

The solar panels store energy and allow to travel for several days without recharging. The idea behind the camper is that its occupants can feel as comfortable as at home.