Electric bike Juiced HyperScramber-2: lightness and maneuverability 160 kilometers on a single charge

Electric bike Juiced HyperScramber-2: lightness and maneuverability

The new concept of an electric bike will surprise fans of technology that runs on rechargeable batteries. That variant, dubbed the Juiced HyperScramber-2, is capable of covering 160 kilometers on a single charge. For that, the bike uses only two capacious and powerful batteries. Where typical e-bike batteries are roughly 400 to 600 watt hours, Juiced offers up to 998 watt hours.

The engineers who created that miracle of technology assure that the bike can easily pass at least 127 kilometers, and only after that the rider can remember to charge the battery. In their opinion, only two identical batteries can be better than one powerful battery for such an electric vehicle.

Juiced has already been launched for the mass market. At the end of September, the first pre-orders will start, and in November the electric bike will be available to the mass buyer. But the authors of the projects are not going to stop there either.

They intend to bring the capabilities of the new mode of transport up to 2,000 Wh. If so, the e-bike risks to become one of the most expensive e-bikes on the market. The experts believe that prices will not become such a large-scale issue if it comes to purchasing a bike for participation in competitions.

Plus, the bike's battery has a big advantage: it charges very quickly. You can raise the charge level to 80% in just two hours. It is the perfect choice not only for mid-range racing but also for long journeys.

It is also a good choice for people who prefer to use e-bikes with fewer pedals and more throttle. It has a comfortable fixed seat and a moped-style design. Test rides of volunteers demonstrated the convenience and comfort of using an electric bike.

It is powered by a custom 1000W Retroblade motor and includes dual suspension, turn signals, dual rearview mirrors, hydraulic disc brakes, torque sensor, integrated brake light and an oversized headlamp. It has a stylish brushed aluminum finish, but other colors will be available later.