Helvezzia Tipo-6 electric car concept: the beauty of a parallel Universe

New concept electric car Helvezzia Tipo-6

Retro cars can now not only attract the attention of lovers of old cars, as museum exhibits, but also be suitable for transport. The technique of the 40s of the last century received a new unusual development. The design engineers supplemented the car of the past with an electric drive. The experts called the Helvezzia Tipo-6 concept part of a parallel Universe. For the era, when the car was first created, it was also considered as a fantastic phenomenon.

Beautiful shapes, amazing design, high technical characteristics. These and other features made the car a dream and luxury, and not a means of transportation as it should be. Almost 80 years later, the car was revived, but with new technical characteristics, still keeping the admiring glance of connoisseurs of good cars on itself.

Today, an electric car does not surprise anyone. But the combination of retro style and modern technology is sophisticated and admirable. The electric cars have indeed existed in the past. In the 1900s, they were in demand, but interest in them disappeared almost immediately after the first large reserves of oil were discovered, from that they began to produce automobile fuel.

It is noteworthy that the Helvezzia Tipo-6 concept is a racing car, and its design exterior is fully consistent with the style of the 40s of the last century. The car can only accommodate one person.

It has a modern, rather advanced, dashboard with a steering wheel and additional switch sensors. The car has a sleek tubular body with an open cab and wheels protruding from the body.

A beautiful chrome grille is installed in front that has no functionality, but serves for beauty, since traditionally such a grille covers the radiator, and in an electric car it is not required. The general appearance of the car gives a unique retro atmosphere combined with modern technical capabilities.