Legendary Mercedes Benz creates a rover for contactless food delivery

Mercedes Benz has created a delivery robot

The unique delivery robot was created by the engineers of the legendary Mercedes Benz company. That masterpiece of engineering promises to be in demand and popular, as it provides absolutely contactless delivery of various oversized goods. While the world is fighting the coronavirus infection with social distancing, such developments keep the COVID-19 safe, healthy and low.

According to the experts, the situation with the virus will not improve soon, and the specialists in various fields will have to come up with new opportunities for people to protect them from a dangerous infection and make life as comfortable as possible.

So far, no one knows what the future may be, but the designers are thinking over the lines of various goods so that they can shape the way of life in society under the current conditions. The concept by the designer Jacob Pike is one of the prime examples of how humans can survive the pandemic. With the support of Mercedes Benz, he created the compact EQ Delivery Pod rover.

It is a robotic four-wheeled platform for safely transporting parcels and small loads from one place to another. In fact, it is a new delivery project that is an Amazon Scout development that performs delivery functions.

The new model has a futuristic look. The author of the development believes that his model can be in demand in large cities and can be used to deliver important items, be it food or medicine. The device is completely contactless and controlled by a special application. You can open the delivery platform only by scanning the QR code by a certain user.

The rover moves quickly enough on city roads and sidewalks. It is equipped with battery power, designed for almost daily operation. The rover is recharged for several hours, then it is ready for its duties. Mobility and compactness allow it to move quickly around the territory.

However, the authors of the development are still silent on how the rover will bypass obstacles in the form of a curb and a ladder that does not exclude further modifications to the robotic delivery vehicle.