Mutant created by bacteria destroys plastic in two hours

Mutant created by bacteria destroys plastic in two hours

A mutational bacterial enzyme was created by scientists at Carbios. This mutant can destroy plastic products in a couple of hours. For one plastic bottle, he will need only 2 hours. An enzyme breaks down the composition of a plastic product into individual chemical compounds.

Then these obtained particles from recycled plastic can be used as secondary material. It goes through a special thermomechanical treatment and then it can be used to make carpets or even clothes. The quality of the secondary material is high.

The experts who created the unique enzyme work in collaboration with various well-known companies, and they created a new technology for processing plastic waste using a bacterial enzyme. It can break down 90 per cent of plastic polymers in just ten hours.

This enzyme surpasses all previously existing technologies due to the strain of bacteria 201-F6, which can destroy plastic. The enzyme was discovered quite a by accident in 2012 in a pile of compost.

Alain Marty from the University of Toulouse in France says that they quickly forgot about the enzyme because they could not find it, but a little later they remembered it as an important element for processing plastic.

Using the new method is recognized as effective and not costly. The enzyme may be used on an industrial scale for the processing of a large amount of plastic waste.