Electric scooter from Mercedes-Benz: city dwellers will drive 5 thousand kilometers on it

Mercedes-Benz creates a new urban electric scooter

The unique scooter is offered by the legendary Mercedes automobile company. Light two-wheeled vehicles that can travel almost five thousand kilometers on one charge, promises to become in demand and popular. In developing the Mercedes-Benz electric scooter, the authors of the project took the desire for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future into account.

Nowadays, most of the automakers strive to use technologies that allow the introduction of the electric vehicles into the widespread use. The last two years, the Mercedes-Benz engineers were developing the concepts for electric mobility.

Their engineering and design decision was a new all-electric scooter of their own. Traveling on it is not only comfortable, but also safe for the environment, because it has zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It can become the most popular means of transportation for city dwellers. Plus, durability is at the heart of that electric scooter.

The engineers of the manufacturing company used the highest quality components and materials to create it. It is tdue to the approach that the scooter can run five thousand kilometers without any interruption, requiring refueling, repair work or any other interventions.

It is a perfect option for micromobility and wide application in urban areas. The Mercedes-Benz engineers say that the production of the technical vehicle took place in cooperation with specialists from the Swiss company Micro. Their participation helped to make the scooter lightweight, durable and maneuverable.

The electric scooter is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 500W. Because of that the scooter can accelerate to a speed of 20 km/h. The installed battery provides a cruising range of up to 25 kilometers.

A scooter user with such technical characteristics can enjoy speed, comfort and safety. He is offered a wide, stable footboard with a durable rubber coating. The wheel diameter is 20 centimeters, and this size helps to cope with any unevenness on city roads.