Adidas will make branded clothes from mushrooms: new raw materials will set a new trend in fashion

Adidas will make branded clothes from mushroom roots

Adidas and Lululemon will use a unique raw material base to produce new types of clothing. To do that, the manufacturers intend to use mushrooms, or rather, a special type of fiber obtained from the filamentous roots of mushrooms. The material that is created using an unusual raw material base, is somewhat reminiscent of leather. The development of the project is being carried out within the framework of a startup called Bolt Threads.

Its experts suggested using a special type of fiber made from mycelium, it is the filamentous roots of mushrooms. The material they created, with its characteristics reminiscent of leather, was named Mylo.

It is possible that not only Adidas and Lululemon, but also other global companies producing branded clothing and footwear will cooperate with the startup. In the meantime, both eminent manufacturers expressed a desire to invest significant amounts in the startup in order to ultimately receive a significant amount of new material. It is assumed that the first pieces of clothing and footwear made of the new material based on the mushrooms will go on sale next year.

A startup CEO, Dan Widmeier, says that his company will not only be a fancy material firm. In his opinion, his team have an important task to convince clothing and footwear manufacturers of the need to use alternative bases for obtaining raw materials in order to stop the harmful and dangerous impact on the environment.

The experts believe that the industry is still considered as the ticking time bomb, as it is full of outdated technologies that have an extremely negative impact on the environment. The startup specialists make no secret of the production of new material.

They say that for ten days the roots of special types of mushrooms are grown on a special sawdust pillow. And later, the resulting mycelium network can be tanned, dyed, and processed under the skin. That process is much simpler, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than raising cattle, from the skin of that world manufacturers later make clothes and shoes.