GURA TERRA is a space rover that will explore distant planets

A unique rover has been created that will explore the planets

The engineers created a unique design. In terms of its technical characteristics, it surpasses the rover and can play an important role in the study of distant planets in the future. GURA TERRA is the name of the concept of a space rover. It is equipped to carry various cargo and a crew of six passengers. It has an incredibly high ground clearance and six wheels.

They are mounted on flexible legs so that the all-terrain vehicle can move smoothly even on the most uneven surfaces. To move from one point to another, the engineers equipped the vehicle with the latest navigation and visualization technologies.

These include a sensor hub located at the top of the vehicle. It is able to control everything, both inside the cabin and outside the all-terrain vehicle. The sides of the vehicle are equipped with special blocks that allow light to enter the cab, but all cosmic rays are pre-filtered.

The entrance to the cab is located on the side, that feature divides it into two parts, the inner compartment and the passenger compartment at the rear. The all-terrain vehicle has an autonomous self-awareness system.

It makes it possible to determine your own location in three-dimensional space. To do that, the internal equipment uses a set of external data, from on-board lights to satellite navigation that allows pilots to navigate in any space and terrain.

The ATV uses six separate high-torque electric motor systems. Each engine is located in one of the wheels. The wheels themselves are located on levers and they control the vehicle's ground clearance.

On uneven surfaces, each lever independently controls the optimum travel height for a smooth ride. Due to to the modular architecture, any repair work and battery replacement takes place in a simple and safe mode.