Fiat 126 electric car evokes nostalgia: a symbol of the Youngtimer era

Fiat-126 electric car evokes nostalgia

The modern design of the Fiat-126 vintage car won over not only designers, but also connoisseurs of cars, who connect the present with the past. The Fiat model perfectly characterizes a bygone era. This car was and remains popular, despite its external changes. The new conceptual solution, according to its creators, not only reminds of the past, but also tells about the possibilities of the future. The point is that the new car is electric.

Its advanced features bring retro back to the road. Fiat was named a symbol of the Youngtimer era. And the difficult period of quarantine measures associated with the pandemic was a good time for the design studio that created an all-electric version of the Fiat 126 Vision.

The experts were guided by a well-known quote "If you don't make your dream come true, someone else will hire you to help in building it". The new car of the series completely reimagines the model popular in 1972.

It is done in order for the new solution to organically fit into modern life, when cars with an electric engine become the most popular and demanded. New Fiat is an urban transport. The engine is located at its rear. It is designed for four passengers.

The car will replace the Fiat 500 model that was recognized as one of the most successful, it was released in the amount of 4.7 million units. The car perfectly combines modern and vintage styles. The concept has square headlights, thus reminding its retro predecessor. But in general, the car is thinner and sleeker, without unnecessary visual bulk.

The car has radial air vents built into the steel cover. The engineers returned the lateral turn indicators to the wings, giving it a modern look. The designers left recognizable stylistic elements dominated by the characteristic lines of the prototype. By its appearance, the car evokes an appropriate nostalgia about bygone times.