Google is creating a robot farmer: it will grow strawberries and soybeans

Google creates a robot farmer

GOOGLE company makes new decisions related to the implementation of its activities in the agro-industrial complex. The engineers of the world giant decided to introduce their innovative proposals into agricultural production. It will be done by one of the company's subsidiaries, known for many lunar space projects, it is Alphabet. Its specialists are engaged in the creation of prototypes of farm robots.

The technology will attract artificial intelligence to work in the fields, it is assumed that a unique robot will be able to grow almost everything, from strawberries to soybeans. Elliot Grant, who is the project manager for what has been dubbed Mineral, has officially announced that the new program is in serious discussion.

It will be a set of hardware and software tools that will analyze the complexity of the nature and evolution of agricultural plants. In other words, we can say that the goal of the developers is to understand as much as possible how the plant food grows in order to quantify that process.

Conventionally, the new project is called computational agriculture. The farming robot will be an automated installation, reminiscent of a small Mars rover created by NASA. The space machine explores the surface of the Red Planet very carefully.

The new robot will work according to the same principle, only not on an alien planet, but on the Earth, studying the desirable or, conversely, undesirable characteristics of a particular plant used for food production or being an independent food.

The scientists will combine research of the robot-farmer with data obtained from the systems. Thus, they will create a complete picture containing information about the weather, soil condition, the best conditions that are necessary for growing a particular crop so that the plants can better interact with the environment.