Edible sauces packaging: new startup makes it from seaweed

Edible Seaweed Packaging Created

London-based startup Notpla created a unique packaging for sauces. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is completely edible. For its production, the developers used seaweed. A new solution is biodegradable, and even edible packaging can become an absolute alternative to plastic bags. The authors of the project believe that their innovation will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste that has already reached 300 million tons annually.

All natural sauce packaging biodegrades in 4-6 weeks. As you know, the biodegradation of conventional plastic takes several hundred years. For the production of unique packaging, seaweed is used, grown in the northern part of France.

The seaweed is dried, then ground into powder, and then a secret recipe is used, as a result of which the seaweed turns into a thick liquid, which, when dried, becomes a strong fiber, similar to plastic. The seaweed proved to be the most convenient raw material resource.

Notpla co-founder Rodrigo Garcia noted that they don't need water, season or fertilizer to grow. It is one of the richest resources on our planet. One type of algae used by a startup grows one meter in a day. But biodegradable edible algae packaging isn't the only startup's product.

The company's specialists developed a line of disposable food containers. They contain no synthetic chemicals. They are covered with a waterproof and greaseproof film. This material takes three weeks to decompose, whereas cardboard often used for this purpose takes 3-6 weeks to decompose.

The developers decided to replace traditional plastic with natural materials. And if they get into nature, they will decompose naturally, as if it were a fruit or vegetable.