Autonomous ambulance: it focuses on patient comfort and safety

Engineers created an autonomous ambulance

Everything about the new concept of autonomous ambulance is amazing. And its appearance, and technical characteristics, and capabilities. The authors of the development decided to focus their attention not only on using the possibilities of technological progress, but also on the comfort and safety for the patients. Time is one of the essence in providing medical care. Any delay in the delivery of a patient to a medical facility can threaten the most dire consequences.

Therefore, the main task in the development of the concept is to ensure the transportation of the victim without time delays was performed with dignity. The only way to do that is to create an improved machine. Autonomous ambulance ERKA is the transport of the future.

It takes advantage of mobility in busy city streets that lack parking spaces and congestion. The authors of the new project are industrial designer Roman Ignatovski and engineer-architect Maya Brynyarska. They presented a self-driving ambulance that uses clean energy for its work. The key goal of the development is to create an autonomous emergency ambulance service that could provide comfortable and safe care for the patients.

The experts have previously identified all the existing shortcomings of the existing medical care service, and they have developed a compact transport unit that has become a mobile vehicle equipped with everything necessary for the. first aid. Its wheels rotate 90 degrees and serve as special indicators for pedestrians.

The machine is very manoeuvrable and can easily handle even the most confined spaces. The salon is equipped with numerous displays that monitor and control the patient's vital state. The machine runs very smoothly due to the latest hydraulic suspension.

A ramp is installed to facilitate patient transportation. During the trip, the patient is placed on a comfortable platform. On the roof of the car there is a solar battery that stores energy. Also, the development has its own drone. It moves in front of the car and clears the way for a mobile ambulance.