Motorbike for Mars: the version of the wind transport is suitable for missions on the Red Planet

Engineers create a ride bike for Mars

The humanity dreams of conquering the Mars. It is not only about the first step on the surface of the Red Planet, but also about the formation of colonies from among the inhabitants of the Earth, who will be able to master the new world and create a society on it. While these plans are being translated into reality by future projects of space missions to the Mars, a group of engineers decided to bring the dream closer and make life easier for the future colonists.

Focusing on the bold decisions of NASA, creating rovers and other vehicles to conquer a distant planet, the experts create technical devices that can be useful in 30 years. This term is determined in connection with the colonization of the Mars that may start in 2050.

The first thing that the new inhabitants of the Red Planet will need is reliable, light, mobile and convenient transport. It has already been developing for rough Martian surfaces. A design engineer Simon Gritten saw the transportation of the Mars with a special version of a motorcycle. He called it the NASA Bike and developed the first sketch of a future model, proposing to make the bike not just a means of transportation, but the main assistant of the colonists.

The technical devices of the motorcycle are able to independently charge their own battery, and even the battery of the base station, using the force of the Martian wind for that. Study of the planet suggests that it is rife with powerful storm currents.

The NASA Bike turns into a wind turbine when not in use. A kind of permanent battery is a useful piece in a space where everything has to be creative. By connecting the bike's equipment to the charging station, it is possible to pump the generated wind energy into a large generator that will support all types of work on a distant planet.

For traveling, the two-wheeled structure is very simple for obvious reasons. No one is going to arrange bicycle races on the Mars, its purpose is to transport a person from one point to another as safely as possible.

The main advantage of the development is practicality, the bike can cover long distances during a sandstorm, while accumulating energy and supplying itself with it constantly.