Renault cab concept will fit into narrow streets: the hyper-capsule of the future looks more like a house

Renault cab concept created for narrow city streets

The engineers of the world famous car manufacturer took the peculiarities of the narrow city streets into account. Today the Renault concern, its designers and constructors are developing new versions of special car models that will become organic vehicles not only for transporting passengers, meeting environmental safety requirements, but also for increased mobility and compactness.

Every day city spaces shrink more and more every day. The reason is the growing population, the construction of new buildings. The streets are getting narrower, and many traditional car models are faced with the problem when it is impossible to pass a certain section of the path.

The new concept from the Renault designers aims, first of all, to avoid such problems in the future. The car that has been called the hyper-capsule of the future, is able to move a passenger from one place to another completely safely and smoothly with great comfort.

The author of the project is Jun Yang Kim. He says that the created concept resembles a house where you can live with pleasure and comfort. It gives a person maximum comfort, style and safety. It is very convenient to be in that car, it becomes a place of calmness and serenity, at the same time and isolation.

The top of the capsule is covered with a special smart glass. You can install absolutely any image on it at any moment, and thereby isolate yourself from the chaos of the outside world. The car is designed to use two completely different modes.

This is a working period and a rest period. In each case, the interior of the capsule is adapted according to the needs of the user. The first option is simple and spacious. And during the use of the second period, professional tuning with various modern options like movable display and focus, which helps to set up without distractions.

The whole conceptual idea is that while using the model, its owner and passenger can feel absolutely comfortable and safe.