Meat will be grown on alien planets: a new startup uses the possibilities of colonizing the Mars

New startup proposes to grow meat in space

The scientists believe that future colonists, who are the first to settle on the Mars or the Moon, will have to take care of their own food on their own. And in order to provide themselves with the necessary quality products, they must learn to grow not only fruits, vegetables and herbs, but also meat. Israeli startup Aleph Farms proposed a new space initiative aimed at producing fresh, quality meat anywhere.

You can get it in any conditions, up to a hostile environment to humans in colonies on the Moon or the Mars. At the same time, the authors of the development are sure: it is absolutely not necessary to raise cattle for that.

The experts called the idea of meat production in space exciting. The program could be a promising technology that could actually provide meat products for the future colonists. But so far, it presents several visualizations and methods of strategic partnerships with tech companies and space agencies. Last year, an Israeli startup officially announced the results of an experiment for the first time. It took place aboard the International Space Station in collaboration with the Russian biotechnology company 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

The results of the experiment were called the first experience of meat production without slaughtering animals in the outer space. To obtain it, a modern 3D printer was used, it collected small fragments of muscle tissue from living animal cells, resulting in a small piece of steak.

But those limitations that outer space creates such as a cold, rarefied environment without oxygen, according to the developers, motivated them to use more efficient methods to process meat production to higher standards.

According to the CEO of the startup, Didier Toubias, his company's program implements a mission to produce the highest quality meat on the Earth in conditions where people do not have access to it, for example, in the Sahara desert or in Antarctica.

In that case, with effective approaches and high results, space will not be an exception. The authors of the development believe that when people begin to live on the Moon or the Mars, they will be able to use start-up technologies to provide their diet with meat products.