Hoperloop puts pressure on the brain: Virgin Hyperloop examines the consequences of fast driving

Scientists are exploring how Hoperloop technology affects the brain

Virgin Hyperloop is a well-known transport company that intends to create a unique vehicle for passengers that will move people at a speed of about 960 km/h. Before implementing that ambitious project, the company's specialists decided to find out what happens to the human brain when a vehicle is launched, the speed of it lags behind the speed of sound by 78%.

Previous tests showed that a train can reach speeds of about 300 km/h inside a vacuum tube in a special tunnel. But the scientists' plans are to reach the maximum speed limits. Ali Rezai, who is a vice president of neuroscience at the RNI, believes that such high-speed trains cannot help but exert their influence on the human brain.

How speed will affect different human functions: perception, balance, the state of the nervous system, the scientists intend to find out. The train that has such a high speed, does not have any windows or coordinate system, and this, according to Rezai, can lead to imbalance, sensory and motor systems of a person. In order to conduct a full examination and find out what effect a high-speed train produces on a person, a maximum of various state-recording devices will be attached to each test participant.

Among them are eye trackers, heat sensors, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms. Many of the results will enable the scientists to understand exactly what happens to the human body at a speed of 960 km/h. The study is being carried out by the neuroscientists at West Virginia University.

It is known that the construction of the Hyperloop center is scheduled for 2021. It will be equipped with receiving points, certification tracks and an operations room, as well as a workshop for the final assembly of the modules.

It will also include a production development and training center where future drivers will be taught the operation, safety and maintenance of a new type of train. When the Hyperloop system is launched, the train is expected to connect cities such as Pittsburgh and Chicago in just 41 minutes.