Smartphones will help to survive after cardiac arrest: they will replace the doctor after hospital

Smartphones help people after cardiac arrest

The scientists concluded that smartphones have the ability to be the key to possibly improving well-being and survival after the cardiac arrest. You must have it with you at all times after you leave the hospital. Using the special technology of the smartphones, it is possible to provide the patient with the opportunity to provide first aid after discharge from the hospital. A lead researcher Clement Derkenne from France believes that such a technical solution will help difficult patients and medical teams.

In France, as well as in some other countries of the world, the mobile application "Lost" has been introduced. It is free, available in 18 languages and compatible with all operating systems without an exception.

Its introduction, according to the experts, has significantly improved the quality of medical care and increased patient survival rates after the cardiac arrest. The application registers new users who receive alerts, and data on their health status are sent to a medical facility and marked on a special map.

The researchers believe that mobile apps that allow healthcare professionals to respond to nearby patients with cardiac arrest can save valuable time to respond to sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital.

But so far this method has a drawback. It needs accurate calculations for overall clinical outcomes and its overall cost-effectiveness remains unclear. Meanwhile, the experts from around the world believe that mobile apps are a new trend that will firmly enter as assistants for healthcare professionals.

Special developments will allow you to monitor a person's condition remotely, to know the parameters of the health according to the data transmitted through the devices. It will allow not only to monitor the health of the patients, but also to compile information about the health of the population.