Elon Musk asks to recognize Mars as a free planet: Starlink program requires democracy

Elon Musk demands to recognize Mars as a free planet

SpaceX, where Elon Musk is CEO, has launched a closed beta version of its Starlink satellite internet service. The users who follow the blog on their Twitter account noticed the service's terms of service. Most of them agreed with the prescribed clauses, which, for example, state that no earthly government has power or sovereignty over the Martian activities. The document actually contains important clauses that talk about user conditions.

For example, for services provided on the Mars or for transit on the Mars, or for the placement of a spacecraft, in any case, the Mars is recognized as a free planet, and no earthly government has power and sovereignty over it.

And all disputes that will arise can be resolved on the basis of the principles of self-government that are supposed to be established in a spirit of goodwill during the construction of any action or relationship on the Mars.

Just a few days ago, COO Gwynn Shotwell officially announced that the space company plans to bring a service similar to Starlink to the Red Planet. He believes that it can be realized after the first landing of people on the Mars.

The colonisation of the Red Planet can provoke the creation of the so-called Star Channel. Elon Musk repeatedly talked about SpaceX's bold and ambitious plans to explore a distant planet. He does not exclude that by 2050 the Mars will be colonized and a city will appear on its surface.

In order for that idea to come true, the company intends to send a powerful spacecraft to the Mars that will be named "Starship". Initially, it will send cargo, but ultimately it will have to transport passengers to the Martian surface.

Elon Musk calls for the need to introduce laws that will regulate actions in the Martian colony during the entire space campaign. Rule on the Mars can be a direct democracy, where people will vote directly on specific issues.