Smart ferry will cope with city traffic jams: unmanned water transport will come to cities

Smart ferry will save cities from traffic jams

The flow of cars in cities increases every year. There are more and more vehicles on the streets. They create not only traffic jams, but also many problems for the movement of emergency and emergency services, such as an ambulance or a fire engine. The engineers came up with a way to relieve transport lines in cities with coastal zones. They propose to use waterways efficiently to reduce traffic congestion.

As the engineers come up with ways to relieve the streets, other engineering teams are tackling the issue of using data from the climate crisis to fuel the need for smart, climate-friendly mobile solutions.

In Norway, one of the companies offered an interesting solution, an unmanned ferry. Its capacity is 12 passengers. It will work, as the authors of the project say, like an elevator: press the button and wait for the arrival of the ferry. It was named Zeabuz.

It has zero emissions and was developed 2 years ago by a group of scientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Its launch is scheduled for 2021. The ferry will be completely autonomous that will provide better control, optimal operation, safety and maintenance in its functionality.

The solution is considered as the leading one in the world. It will allow similar unmanned ferries to safely maneuver among water vehicles. They will be able to dock and serve passengers on their own.

Asgeir J. Sorensen, director of NTNU's Autonomous Maritime Operations Research Center, noted that the ferry has wireless charging. The solar panels installed on it use reserve energy during the winter months. For example, for Norway it is important because there is not enough sunlight in winter.

According to the experts, such a project may be in great demand in large cities located along the coastal zone or having canals inside. Ferries will unload major transport routes, offering passengers a safe waterway.