The smart bike beats with the heart: horses became an example of its creation

Scientists have created a smart bike with artificial intelligence

The unique design was created by engineers, giving it the name CanguRo. This is a series of robotic personal assistants with a built-in artificial intelligence card. Having seen such an engineering solution for the first time, it is difficult to say what it is: a bicycle, a workhorse or a unique robot. It turns out that all of the above came together in one. Like many AI-powered constructs, the CanguRo is capable of offering its owners many functions for which it is simply irreplaceable.

You can shop with it and work in the office. The integrated software can deliver a moving robot to any address specified in advance, and then it turns into a vehicle that is comfortable to travel on. The designers say that pages of history inspired them to create the device.

Once upon a time, people depended on horses for both work and movement. To call the animal it was enough to whistle, and the horse was already running. Decades later, the horse was replaced by transport.

Ford Model T made road transport more accessible to everyone, and the possibilities of future types of cars were seriously rethought. Modern designers and engineers are creating new concepts for affordable transportation, with affordable self-driving technologies through the use of artificial intelligence.

The possibilities of that approach to build the transport of the future seem endless. The new CanguRo concept allows robots to map their surroundings and determine locations. For that, the sensors are used, they simplify the processing of navigation and robotic mapping.

The built-in technology works almost like the human eye. When the user is away from the CanguRo, the vehicle's intelligent ability uses the autopilot functions and then determines the geographic location.

But that's not all: when used, the vehicle's system adjusts to the person's physical data. It takes into account the heartbeat, pulse, rhythm and limits the speed of movement according to these indicators.