He retro-styled Citroën electric car: the ultimate for a multitude of uses

Engineers create a retro-styled Citroën electric car

The renowned car manufacturer proposed a new version of the vehicle that will be completely safe for the environment. It is CITROËN'S ME CONCEPT. It's a versatile electric vehicle with a unique retro aesthetic and pixel-inspired lighting. The designer of that project is Alexander Payne, who introduced a new design to the world of technology, focused not so much on urban roads as on rural ones.

Most of the new electric vehicle projects are designed to conquer big cities. They focus on mobility, compactness, minimum fuel consumption, these are the factors that are required to get around city roads.

But the rural off-road did not go unnoticed by the designers and designers of the automotive industry. The use of environmentally friendly transport in such conditions is no less attractive. The designer who developed the new concept focused on getting the most out of the car for a variety of uses. A retro-style model became an ideological clue to the creation of a new car. As a result, the new Citroën Ami in the base form factor has some similarities with the Citroen Mehari.

By combining modern and vintage elements of technical features and design, the author of the project received a magnificent futuristic car. It is two-seater, equipped with a 22 kW battery that will allow the car to travel 200 kilometers without additional recharging.

Its maximum speed, despite its small size, is quite impressive, it is about 80 kilometers per hour. Such transport is perfect for moving around the countryside. Some of its units and parts are 3D printed.

Some of these are considered as modular and can be modified to accommodate broader practical capabilities. There is an open trunk at the rear for storing small luggage. The modern aesthetics of the car are marked by the angular design that can be clearly seen in the LED panels and add a special appeal.