There was no nausea: passengers took a test ride on the Hyperloop Virgin

Passengers take a test ride on the Hyperloop Virgin

Virgin Hyperloop technology could revolutionize vehicle use in the near future. Conventional trains run the risk of being unclaimed if passengers enjoy the Virgin Hyperloop convenience and benefits better. To find out, the other day the first ever test ride of a unique train with passengers on board took place. The experts called that event a significant step forward in the development of innovative technologies, when a unique train can transport people over long distances at a speed of about 1000 km/h.

Hyperloop is called the technology of the future. It is an unusual high-speed train that is designed to transport people in small capsules through a special vacuum tube. The engineers who share the benefits of the technology are confident that it will revolutionize high-speed travel.

The maximum speed that a capsule can develop in a pipe exceeds 1000 km/h. For example, it allows to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 45 minutes. In addition, that mode of transport is perfect for the environment, as it does not produce carbon emissions.

That technology was first proposed in 2012 by the famous American inventor and businessman Elon Musk. It was called eccentric and until a certain point it was not tested on humans. The first passengers of the capsule were two employees of the company.

They traveled 500 meters in a double capsule. It took only 15 seconds to cover that distance. The tests were carried out at a specialized test site in Nevada. In an interview after the test Sara Lucian said that she found that trip exciting both physically and emotionally. She did not tell about the unpleasant sensations.