Autonomous Toyota drone: it will fill the tank with fuel and supply the battery in time

Toyota creates autonomous drone for refueling cars

The Toyota automobile concern never ceases to amaze its fans with new ideas, making them come true. Another development of the world leader in the automotive industry is associated with the creation of a unique autonomous system of tanker drones. Its capabilities are literally endless: at any time, it can send a drone that is ready to refill a gas tank, fuel cell or battery on the go.

The experts compared the autonomous drone The Drive to military tankers. As you know, they have a fantastic technical ability to refuel military fighters in the air, without landing on the ground. In the descriptions of the patent applications, it is stated that an autonomous drone may include several specialized zones.

First of all, it is the storage area, the fuel delivery mechanism area, the central controller area. But it is not yet clear whether the vehicle can be designed to be refuelled during the driving, or only when it will be in one place in a stationary state.

If we theoretically consider the capabilities of the drone, then it becomes clear: it can make several stops for refueling during one route. And before heading back, it needs to recharge. Built-in systems such as proximity sensors, GPS and automatic fuel ports will help the drone to take care of all the upcoming activities.

The driver does not need to do anything in this case, he is given a few minutes of rest without leaving the cabin. Despite the fact that many experts with a clear dose of sarcasm refer to the announced technology, it may be put into production by the end of next year.

But if the competitors who want to create such technologies appear, then the automated system will not be in demand. In addition, according to the engineers, they have to solve an important technical difficulty associated with the integration of artificial intelligence. Its participation will link the finding of a vehicle in need of refueling with an automated drone.