Batteries will become flexible: a new type of battery sticker will conquer the whole world

Batteries will become flexible: a new type of battery sticker will conquer the whole world

The Korea Institute for Energy Research introduced a completely new type of battery. Now the batteries can be flexible and replaceable, and with their new characteristics, they can conquer the whole world. These will be batteries that can be used for devices of future generations. The development of scientists is a high-performance removable sticker-type energy storage device.

The authors of the project themselves say that their idea was focused primarily on changing technologies. Mobile devices are becoming more lightweight, compact and highly functional. They are used in all areas of human life. But there is a need to simplify the collection of such devices and provide them with electrical power.

Therefore, the goal was to develop an energy storage device with additional functions in addition to the power source. Another feature is that new types of batteries must take into account the characteristics of devices, and they can change their shape along with the forms of the human body during movement, physical activity and other actions.

Conventional accumulators and batteries have a cylindrical structure. But the new design is optimally suited to the requirements - it is flexible, stable, dense and able to accumulate a large amount of electric charge. All past developments of new batteries have been based on thin-film options.

Such micro-batteries are an excellent power source for small electronic devices. But they have many disadvantages: a short life cycle, sudden changes in energy, security problems. The new generation of flexible batteries is based on semi-permanent supercapacitors.

They have many advantages - high power density, stability, efficiency and fast charging speed. The scope of their use was limited, as lithium batteries have proven their advantages. But today they have become a successful alternative with high ultra-thin high-performance energy storage devices. Outwardly, they look like stickers, but their power is impressive.