UAVs will search for minerals: a new program developed in Russia

UAVs will search for minerals: a new program developed in Russia

At Novosibirsk State Technical University they create unique software that will be used for geological exploration. Thanks to young scientists, unmanned aerial vehicles will help in the search for minerals. Marina Persova is one of the authors of the project. According to her, the zones of easily discovered mineral deposits are practically exhausted. And geologists need new methods and tools - modern and effective, that will help to conduct exploration.

One of the options for such work involves the use of manned aircraft. But they require large expenditures for the maintenance of aircraft, to ensure the necessary human resources. The geologists were given an important task - to find new methods that allow, at the early stages, even before drilling the soil, to find signs of ore presence and to carry out calculations of promising zones.

Young scientists came to help in this matter. They mastered a grant of the Russian Science Foundation of 6 million rubles, creating a computer program with which geological explorations are greatly simplified.

The program is used to process the data that drones collect. All information is loaded into the program, huge amounts of data are processed. Then the program independently builds digital 3D-models of deposits.

This significantly reduces the cost of traditional geological exploration when drilling is used to confirm the exact location of the development. This project will be implemented in collaboration with specialists from the Irkutsk Technical University, which became the owner of a similar grant. The final result will be added to the project magnetic exploration, electrical exploration.

Thanks to them, with the help of drones, geologists will be able to obtain huge amounts of information about those sites that have complex reliefs and may be potential areas for mining.