The plane is faster than sound: a test flight of the startup Boom Supersonic will take place in a few weeks

Airplane of startup Boom Supersonic prepares for test flight

Tests of the new jet aircraft, which exceed the speed of sound, will take place early next year. It belongs to startup Boom Supersonic, and its representatives say that there is very little time left before the Talon's first demonstration flight. The XB-1 supersonic jet demo is less than 22 meters long. It is made from carbon composite. This approach to the basis of the material makes it possible to make the aircraft resistant to flying at a speed that is higher than the speed of sound.

The startup's engineers are pursuing the goal of creating an aircraft that can exceed the speed of sound by 2.2 times. The experimental XB-1 under development is recognized as a milestone on the road to the development of another project, the Overture commercial airliner.

According to the CEO of the startup Blake Scholl, the supersonic aircraft project was presented on October 1, 2020. If the project's experimental flight is successful, the company hopes to carry out full flight tests in 2025, and then begin a production of passenger liners at high speed.

For example, a flight from Paris to Montreal will take only 3 hours instead of 7. His project has a number of other features and advantages. For example, it includes three General Electric J85-15 engines, an ergonomic cockpit optimized for high-speed flying, and a delta wing for stability during takeoff and landing.

The company that builds this unique aircraft was established in 2014. It has 140 full-time employees. They contributed to the development of more than two hundred programs for aviation and spacecraft construction.

The company's management expresses hope for an early presentation of the spacecraft of the future. Some time ago, the startup was forced to suspend its work due to funding cuts. All work processes were resumed today.