Tesla brings the e-bike to the arena: futuristic exterior and interior

Tesla creates a unique e-bike with a magical look

An electric bike with unusual external and internal characteristics is offered by Tesla. Its engineers developed a conceptual design of a unique two-wheeled vehicle that can change the usual patterns of ordinary affordable bicycles. The authors of the concept believe that their new model will bring a new look to the world of cars that will be efficient, safe and comfortable.

The company firmly carved out its niche in the global market, offering completely unique devices, be it electric powertrains, efficient battery systems, advanced software or hardware. Tesla is a renowned leader in unmanned vehicle capabilities.

And each of its new projects attracts the attention of people from all over the world. The company decided to bring its cutting edge approach to innovative technology to bicycles as well. The proposed conceptual model forms a kind of bridge between traditional vehicles such as cars and conventional bicycles. The main frame of the new electric wire’s model called "model B", is equipped with proximity sensors. They are installed at the front, back and side.

LiDAR sensors are also installed, they scan the environment and warn the driver about any obstacles. Each wheel of the bike has its own motor. They all form a common dual drive system for the model.

The engineers decided to replace the usual spokes on the wheels with shock absorbers, and thus ensured the smooth ride of the bike. In the frame of the model, the engineers decided to place the steering wheel and folding steps. The steering wheel determines the force, allowing to make a turn in one direction or another.

It requires applying force to the handle. The model also has its own autopilot function. Thus, the artificial intelligence of the vehicle can take over control completely, using sensors on the frame instead of eyes, to successfully maneuver on the track. The model is also equipped with dual drive motors, it allows the user to navigate hard-to-reach places with little effort.