Air lift for critical patients: new ambulance concept to take to the skies

Engineers have created a new concept of an air ambulance

The new ambulance concept "eVTOL" is intended for the emergency transportation of critically ill patients. The concept was conventionally called an air lift. Its advantage lies in the fact that it carries out air transportation of victims in the shortest possible time, delivering them to a medical facility. It is expected that the mass use of that technique for the delivery of the patients will begin in 2023.

It is a pioneering Australian startup that has already proven to be of interest to other countries at the development level. It is capable of electric vertical take-off and landing. It was created in collaboration with the University of Sydney and an Australian aviation medical company.

The aircraft that received such an amazing name, rises into the air and makes movements due to eight switchable multicopters. The speed that the experimental version of that vehicle can now perform is about 300 km/h. It can work completely autonomously.

The aircraft has a dynamic range of 250 km on a battery-powered transmission, while a clean hydrogen-powered transmission will provide 800 km with quick refueling options. Andrew Moore, CEO of the startup that created the unique aircraft, believes that its capabilities are much wider than you might imagine.

Such a tool can be used, for example, in agriculture as an air ambulance. It can deliver small parcels and parcels quickly and inexpensively. But the most effective application of the development is in medicine.

The aircraft can land and take off in regions without runways. It is completely eco-friendly, does not pollute the air and has an insignificant amount of fuel consumption.