China switched on artificial sun: fusion reactor launched

China launched a unique fusion reactor

In China, a device called Artificial Sun, which is a thermonuclear reactor, was put into operation. That event took place the day before, and state media officially reported that China successfully launched a unique thermonuclear installation for the first time. That inclusion marks the beginning of an entirely new technical era, in both research and nuclear power. The launched HL-2M Tokamak reactor is recognized as the largest one not only in China.

It is an advanced experimental research device that is designed for the production of nuclear fusion. The scientists believe it has enormous potential and could open up access to a powerful source of clean energy. The reactor uses a powerful magnetic field.

Due to that, the process of melting hot plasma occurs. It can reach temperatures in excess of 150 million degrees, it is nearly 10 times hotter than the Sun's core. The reactor is installed on the southwestern outskirts of one of the Chinese provinces, in Sichuan. Last year the project received the code name Artificial Sun, and there is a confirmation, it produces a huge amount of heat and energy.

According to the scientists from around the world, China has indeed stepped onto the next revolutionary step in technological progress. The development of thermonuclear energy will become not only a way to address the strategic important economic needs of the country.

The commissioning of the Artificial Sun is of great importance in the sustainable development of the future in the energy sector and the national economy of the country. Since 2006, a group of scientists have been working on the creation of similar reactors, but in a reduced size.

Such devices can be used for various purposes. The representatives of various research centers of the planet cooperate with Chinese specialists in this matter. A similar project is being implemented in France. There, the introduction of a thermonuclear device is scheduled for 2025.