Robot soldiers: CRISPR technologies create biologically enhanced warriors

CRISPR technology creates biologically enhanced warriors in China

China can use unique CRISPR technologies to create a new generation of military personnel through gene editing. These are biologically enhanced soldiers. That statement was made the day before by John Radcliffe, the head of the US national intelligence. According to him, the use of modern technologies to strengthen the army has certain risks. Radcliffe's statement was called provocative, but it is one of the few topics touched on in his report.

In general, it is dedicated to the fact that today China is beginning to pose a certain threat not only to the United States, but to the entire world. He suggests that China is conducting experiments on humans.

China suffered a fiasco a while back with support for the CRISPR Baby program in 2018. But today that program expanded its boundaries and new opportunities for its use appeared. With CRISPR, it is quite possible to increase human capabilities.

The methodology for these changes has not yet been discovered by the scientists, but somehow the Chinese researchers managed to comprehend it. The director of US national intelligence called China's actions on that issue condemned.

According to some reports, several human tests have already been carried out, which demonstrated the unique capabilities of military personnel who have received the opportunity to become biologically enhanced soldiers.

But neither Chinese scientists nor the government have given any official answers to Radcliffe's statements. Earlier, the representatives of the Chinese defense administration noted that biotechnology has incredible potential for military applications.

CRISPR can create an entirely new army. According to the experts, experiments with genetic changes in the body are fraught with the most sad and unforeseen consequences.