Fragrance on demand: Ford patents the right of car owners to invent their fragrance

Fragrance on demand: Ford patents the right of car owners to invent their fragrance

Ford has once again surprised the world with a new patent. It is again associated with the scents inside the car. A fancy patent offers buyers to choose what the fragrance should be like in the car. The idea of the company is to install special sensors in the machines that will pick up strong odours that the owner of the machine likes or dislikes. If the car owner has added some kind of aroma to the “blacklist”, then the sensors will not allow its distribution in the car.

On the one hand, it sounds strange. On the other hand, the global machine manufacturer cares about people's health. Representatives of the company explained their patent to a large number of car buyers who suffer from allergies and many aromas can cause allergic reactions in them.

Sensors built into car interiors allow you to control the level of odours in the car, eliminating those odours that can cause allergic reactions. This attitude to technology will make cars safer for people. Ford representatives have so far refused to comment on the development of this technology.

But it is already known that it will be used in Roadshow cars. The flowcharts presented in the patent show how such a system will work with sensors, how they will detect odours, update them and monitor their filling in the cabin.

As a bonus, the manufacturer provides an option reminding the driver of the need to clean the interior of the car from dirt and dust. Two years ago, this company filed a patent for technology to rid the car of the smell of a new car. Experts concluded that the specific smell of the new car pushes potential buyers.