Hyundai acquires robot developer Boston Dynamics: deal price is almost $ 1 billion

Hyundai acquires robot developer Boston Dynamics

The first reports that the Korean manufacturer Hyundai intends to acquire the developer of robots Boston Dynamics appeared in November. They were confirmed or denied by the officials. However, the other day there were financial statements that testify to the deal. The current owner of Boston Dynamics, the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, is giving the robot developer Hyundai a deal worth $ 921 million.

It is worth recalling that Boston Dynamics was recognized as unprofitable. Over the past seven years, it has changed its owner for the third time. The last owner of SoftBank became known to the wide market in 2017.

The company was created by the research division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 90s of the last century. It successfully worked in the market, and in 2013 it was acquired by Google.

Under the leadership of the company, Boston Dynamics surprised the world with four-legged robots that look like dogs. They were bought by individuals and some organizations. New models of these mobile robots were tested in a variety of scenarios, but did not received widespread use.

Today it is not known exactly what direction the new Korean owner of the robot developer will give these designs. It is possible that the existing robotic products will be improved and optimized.

Boston Dynamics creates not only four-legged harbingers of the apocalypse, but also industrial robots that perfectly cope with various tasks in warehouses, in unloading shops and other production sites.

Although Hyundai is known for its automotive offerings, the company has recently created a motorized exoskeleton. Robotic development will help people with lower limb paralysis walk.