The airplane of the future: scientists create the concept of future airborne electric mobility

Scientists create the concept of future airborne electric mobility

In the future, airplanes should become more environmentally friendly. Today, scientists from Germany are developing a special conceptual plan for achieving airborne electrical mobility while significantly reducing air emissions. Is this possible? Researchers say alternatives with power plants can be found, while they will be environmentally friendly and cost-effective. But if such an aircraft is created, it will immediately lead to changes in the system of providing air transportation.

The German aerospace centre intends to develop and present the concept of creating a new aircraft of the future over the next four years. Scientists from other countries also take part in this program. The purpose of creating the concept is to prepare technologies that will create an air vehicle with 70 seats with a range of at least two thousand kilometres.

At the initial stage of development, a discussion is being held on the creation of hybrid electric motors. Further discussions will be held on the creation of the shape of the new aircraft, and its motor functions and their impact on the environment.

Johannes Hartmann, one of the authors of the future project, believes that in the modern world there are enough innovative solutions that can be used not only for such complex research but also to create a conceptually new aircraft - environmentally friendly and economically viable.

The concept will contain the entire “life path” of the aircraft, starting from its design, operation and final disposal process. But the main goal of this work is to develop technologies creating a new aircraft, the emissions of which should not harm the climate.

Also, the aircraft must be economically viable to operate. The design process takes the form of the entire system and is consistent with these goals. This process promises to be revolutionary because traditionally the concept of creating a new aircraft has always been based on its cost.